Nothing is the campaign.

Economists and financial advisors, as well as politicians and news-casters say that the Great Recession is a thing of the past and that the road to recovery is here, yet for thousands of Ohioans who have lost their jobs, exhausted their unemployment and depleted their savings accounts, the Great Recession is still upon us.

Because of the Great Recession and Ohio’s continuously lagging economy, a new approach to educating Ohioans about the realities of hunger is necessary. Along a broader approach to raising awareness about the realities of hunger in Ohio, the Nothing campaign is also a new way to get individuals involved in the fight against hunger.

For many Ohioans, when we get hungry, we go to the grocery store and buy the items that look good. On the other hand, for far too many Ohioans, that is not an option. When they come home, their refrigerators are empty and their cupboards are bare—their pantries and kitchens are filled with nothing.

We wanted to find something that might help the rest of us—in some small way—to understand what that feels like, at least symbolically. The thought is that by making “Nothing” into a brand, it would be in front of us and when paired with the help of public service announcements and social media, it would become more of a reality that we could not escape. But, these empty cans are more than a symbol—by purchasing a can of Nothing or doing something with Nothing and filling the cans up with donations, you are putting food on a hungry Ohioans table.

Nothing cans are only one part of a larger campaign to raise awareness and get Ohioans involved in the fight against hunger within our state. Check back here for images and press of our promotional efforts to promote Nothing in Ohio.

The Nothing campaign was originally created by NAIL Communications and BEEF Films/Chophouse Edit on behalf of the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. Through a great working partnership between the Rhode Island Community Food Bank and the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks, along with the generous support of Charter One, the Nothing campaign has become a reality in Ohio.